'Beat that Cabin Fever'

Mini-series Competition

5 weeks and 5 challenges combined into one mini series event aimed at pushing you and your horse to a new level

Everything you need to know

What is the mini series?:

It's a friendly competition comprised of 5 challenges, each lasting a week long, designed to be completed by any and every one. The purpose of this series is to push yourself and your horse to grow and develop. You never know what you’re capable of until you TRY. So get out there and challenge yourself! Have fun with it! You don't need to be a pro to enter, you only need to show up, have fun, and give it all ya got. 


How do you play?:

After you sign up I'll reach out to you through email to confirm your entry. In your reply, please include your facebook name, your horses name(s), your address and your t-shirt size!

Every Sunday at 10am MST, starting April 5th, a new challenge will be posted on the "Extreme Wylene of Wild West Horsemanship" Facebook page. The Facebook post will serve as an announcement for the challenge and as a location for the videos to be submitted and viewed. Participants have until 11:59pm MST on the following Sunday to submit their challenge videos to the post for judging. 

The nitty, gritty details for each challenge will be posted here on the website! Each challenge will come with a variety of tasks to accomplish. On each challenges page, you'll find a points assignment for each task, a break down of exactly what you'll need to do in each task, and insight into what I'm looking for out of you and your horse. Each challenge totals 20 points, for a series total of 100 points. 

The scoreboard updates and weekly winners will be announced each Monday after video submissions have been reviewed. The series winners will be announced LIVE on Monday, May 11th!


Entrance fee: 

$100 per horse (each participant will receive a mini-series t-shirt and a ribbon)


Mini-series Prizes:


1st place: 30 days of training at my ranch (colt start, performance based, barrels, reining, tune up, trails, cows, etc.); Sponsor prize package (kimes gift certificate, JW Brooks gift certificate, Espana Silk sampler package, Saddle Right pad or gift certificate, Omega Fields sampler package) and an Extreme Wylene leather tack piece of your choice 


2nd place: Free clinic entrance and laydown or private lesson, WWH and Sponsor prize package (Extreme Wylene merchandise and equipment, and Sponsor swag and discounts)


3rd place: A lay down or private lesson plus a WWH package (signed hat, shirt of choice, 


4th place: Free 3 months 'Reality Riding with Extreme Wylene' Boots-on membership, WWH prize package (signed hat, XW shirt, bumper sticker) and sponsorship package (Gift certs, discount codes, sample packages)


5th place: Free one month 'Reality Riding with Extreme Wylene' Boots-on membership and a WWH package (signed hat, XW shirt, bumper sticker)

Place Specific Ribbons awarded for 1st-5th place


Individual Challenge Prizes:

1st place winners will have prizes drawn out of a hat and can include anything from Extreme Wylene merchandise and equipment to sponsorship swag and discounts


A second prize will be drawn each week for the team


Rules and information:

  1. The mini series begins April 5th BUT signups will go until April 10th. After April 10th all entries are closed.

  2. Each weekly challenge will be posted on the "Extreme Wylene of Wild West Horsemanship" Facebook page on Sunday at 10am mst along with a link to the challenge details on the website.

  3. All video submissions must be posted by 11:59pm on the following Sunday on the "Extreme Wylene of Wild West Horsemanship" Facebook page under the post dedicated to that week’s challenge. 

  4. All scores and weekly winners will be announced every Monday through a post except for the final challenge which will have a live series winner announcement!

  5. No edited videos allowed. All submitted videos must show horse and rider/handler in them at all times.

  6. Feel free to practice, practice, practice before posting your video but no outside help/influence is allowed from horses or people during the video submission. 

  7. You may only submit one video per challenge unless you are signed up to compete with more than one horse.

  8. Must use the same horse throughout the entire challenge. If you are 

  9. Any age, sex, size, breed of equine or equid allowed! There will be riding involved so make sure they can be under saddle!

  10. If you miss the video submission deadline you are out of the competition

Ready to accept the challenge?